The pessimistic Eagles fan perspective

2020 has been a rough year for many reasons, the NFL included. Watching a team you love lose so many players to injury is disappointing but it seems to be a recurring theme around the league this year.

Starting the year out with a different line-up for the fourth week due to injuries is a good cause for concern and allows me to expect the worst for the rest of the season. Prior to the season, I thought Carson Wentz was overrated and overpaid, now I can expect his remaining games to be a shitshow burning in a dumpsterfire. You can't pass if you can get off your back.

There is n expectation for us to reach the post-season. I'm a pessimist but for good reason. Seeing our team get handed our asses during our opening season game was a good predictive window of our season. To lose to a the team without a name (The Washington Football team), was like watching two shitty highschool football teams duke it out.

Our team paid out for large contracts, drafted poorly and have a conditioning and medical staff that should be fired for criminal neglect and malpractice. I have no idea where our team went wrong after our only Super Bowl win but it might start in the front office...

The silver lining to this is that we won against another injury riddled team (49ers) that most fans will opomistically say "We're getting better!". Reality, we're a dumpsterfire too injured to limp to a win against any team that is actually considered good. We beat another team that was wrecked with injuries on their third string QB and no offensive line or defense.

I love the Eagles, but I am not expecting a ring let alone watching us limp into the postseason is laughable and unrealistic. I'm hoping we tank and pull a Miami or Jacksonville and hit the reset button by trading all of the players overbloated contracts for picks and starting over again.