It's been a while...

So I am by nature a horrible procrastinator. It's my biggest fault. I've wanted to improve on this site but I have so many other things that I have to make a priority that I neglected this site I've tried to keep up.

This is the sounding board I thought would help me express my thoughts but I've been pre-occupied with work, wife, kids, and life. So here is a recap since October of 2020. The Eagles still suck. We're in a spiral that I hope leads to a reset. Biden won the Presidency (rightfully so), the lockdown isn't working, but we here in Germany are still restricted and will stay so until the Government of Deutschland is confident it has it under control and the US is still floundering from the lack of good decisions.

COVID has taken a toll on the world and the ones still behind doors limited to regular life. I think my family is a good example of holding it together. We're in repeat mode. Work, home, repeat, or distant learning, home, repeat. My biggest gripe is what it has done to our teen kids who are losing out on building their personalities through social engagement with kids their age in school.

We've made the most of it. We have been closer as a family and have learned a lot more about each other. We've spent more time together and my wife and kids are the strongest people I know. They've made the most of a bad situation and have done well. We're still here and life is good (even stuck at home). The upcoming months show promise and I think it is a little ray of hope that will brighten when restrictions in Germany loosen up. We've been waiting and can wait a little longer. As long as I have my family, I am complete.