Elections, rants and popcorn...

It's been four years since our last misinformation fest took place when Americans on social media went bat-shit crazy.

For me, this is an opportunity to sit down with popcorn and people-watch the crazies.

Facts are twisted and people become subject matter experts in everything. Everyone behind a keyboard become an expert on our medical system, geopolitical, economic, and military strategies overnight.

I love our country, but during the elections social media becomes the zoo of misinformation it pretends it is not and a majority of sites let it happen without corrections or flagging users. Social media has become such a daily staples of life for most, people blindly believe what they read without scrutiny or question.

At this point most Americans lose their minds, become political zealots to their party, and show their true colors with their posts.

For the sole reason of not having to listen to rants, misinformed political party zealots, or engage with self appointed political experts; I'm glad I don't live in America right now, you can't turn a radio, open a news app, or turn a TV on without low-blow smear ads for candidates running or the media taking advantage of gullible viewers.

I wish voters would realize that it takes more than the person elected to the Oval Office to make changes. It takes a 2/3rds vote to make something into a bill or law. Both parties agree on things and then vote to pass it. Blaming one party or the other on our country's problems shows the lack of awareness that helps push the misinformation. Our elected officials who just made a decision for the country might be portrayed by the news as foes (Red vs. Blue) but in reality, they are golfing together and attending social events together on the weekends.

While most of the US sits by their phones or televisions waiting on the results of the election, I'll just sit back in Europe with the popcorn and watch something else.