Dawn Versatile Backpack

I like Kickstarter... Ok, that is an understatement. I love it. The amount of innovative ideas and products that come out of the site is amazing. I recently found a new backpack called the Dawn Versatile backpack that should get to my house in October of this year.

I travel a lot and when I do overnights I always wished that I had a good backpack that could be used as an overnight bag and a daily commute bag that didn't look like a full size suitcase. When I looked for a solution on Kickstarter I found the perfect one.

This backpack looks amazing and I will definitely continue to post on its usage and my reviews during its use. I added some additional info below and the link to find it as well. I am hoping to get my hands on it in October and use it as my daily use bag and as my go to for travel.

For the amount of things that I can put into it and its storage capability, I am really excited to test it out!

This bag is literally all of the solutions to the backpacks missing the things I wished they had when I travel.

For a guy that travels regularly for work and fun, I am super excited to start using this!

Listed below is the link to check it out on your own or order yourself one, enjoy!