CISSP and its little brother certs.

So I just passed the CCSP and I can tell you that the study of laws and regulations of cloud security globally almost closed my chances of passing a test that is far more difficult than I had thought. The CISSP was a test beyond tests, but the CCSP challenged me.

Without the use of the great practice test and official ISC2 study guides for the CCSP, I would have failed. Read the books, take practice tests and, study, study, study. The latest study guide and practice test from Ben Masilow are amazing.

Without them, I would have failed. I read the study guide and took the practice test two times and passed the real test. With that being said, I am happy when I received my cert in the mail and realized that with the Sybex books I purchased, a difficult test is attainable.

Invest in your future and make it your priority to learn the domains you study. Test dumps are bullshit and will lead you to question if they are legit for a difficult test. The Certified Cloud Security Professional is no joke! Study, study, study (with the official study guides!). Putting money into your career will build a better you and resume for your career in the future!

I am a sucker for punishment and have just received my voucher for my SSCP. I am familiar with the study domain and will use my knowledge from previous certs to pass this one. I bought the books for this exam and will use my previous success to profess the importance of studying the right guides to prepare for a difficult exam!

Read, practice, retain, and repeat to make any difficult challenge attainable! Wish me luck on my SSCP! - Dave