My time in Germany has been the some of the fondest and happiest times in my life. I first came to Germany in 2000 and spent five years loving the experiences I have been fortunate to see. I was able to travel the country and the rest of Europe. I met the love of my life and married her, had our first child, and left in 2006, sad to leave the beautiful country I have come to call my home away from home. 

We left and moved to Japan, Colorado, Bahrain, Alaska, and then to Georgia until we were able to move back to my favorite country in 2019. When we were away, we reminisced about the fests, food, local countries, and happiness we had while we were in Germany. As we finally made it back, we began our travel plans and were able to show our now teen children what we came to love in Germany. From fests to castles to the wonderful people, we have been able to recapture what we have grown to miss of the country we married and started a family in.


Germany is gorgeous and a place that we have made lifelong memories and friends we are still in contact with to this day. It's an amazing country with fests, castles, and a long history that will take years for us to completely explore. At the end of my 20+ year long career in the Army, I am fortunate that I can be here. I would live here forever if I could and explore it and the surrounding European countries. 

I've created a blog below of my favorite things to see, eat, do, and experience. Along with the blog (I hope to keep updated :P), I will share our experiences with you from what we have been able to see and do. Enjoy!