In a nutshell...

So, here we go, who is the "About me" page about"?:


I'm a Philadelphia area native that left the city of brotherly love 20 years ago when I joined the Army and haven't looked back. I've lived 13 of those years outside of the continental US and have been able to experience amazing places all around the world. 

I am Married with two teenage children who are world travelers before they were born (My daughter was born in Germany and my son was born in Japan). I am a Cyber Security Professional living the dream. I'm a fan of good food, good people, traveling, art, pop culture, and IT. 

I'm a complicated person with an opinion. I do not prescribe to traditional values and believe that life should be dictated by the individual, and not by societal norms. I don't think that religion, politics, or opinions should define a person either. life is too short. When you die, you are dead. Be the best you can be. Be the beacon of humanity and do not be a douche... - Gandhi. (Maybe he said that)

Humor and my abrasive personality have helped me deal with most of my challenges in life. I am a student of failure and believe that you can not succeed if you do not know what it is like to fail. Life is too short to be overly critical of a single instance. I love to learn, live, explore, and contribute to this huge muddy ball hurdling through the cosmos while I still can. 

This moment is a short instance, what we experience is a gift. I have learned so much from a variety of experiences and people far smarter than me. I can never suggest that I am the subject matter expert in life or in any particular topic or field. This philosophy has helped me stay grounded and reminds me of a great historical quote: "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing", -Socrates

I do not care too much social media and like to write my thoughts and share some of my ideas, things I like, posts of family outings, and anything on my mind. I am hoping that I actually stick to it this time and keeping this thing updated. If it starts to look neglected, it is most likely that life, wife, kids, and work have pulled me away from keeping it updated. I'll try my best to keep it updated for my family in the states or whoever reads my posts. Enjoy!